Mateusz Ostafil

Technology Evangelist / Trainer / Mentor / Leader @ Divante

Hello I'm Matt, I learn, I teach.

I consider myself to be a mediocre developer. However, IMHO I excel in knowledge sharing. That's why I decided to be a missing link between the tech and non-tech people. It turned out to work well. For instance, I've helped ~150 people to become software developers from scratch. Now I teach more advanced programmers how to build eCommerce front ends using Angular and SAP Spartacus Storefront. Besides that, I enjoy leading my awesome team of developers @ Divante.

I like to call myself a technology agnostic. Throughout my career, I worked a little bit with electronics, then I moved on to writing SQL queries and building data warehouses. But I felt to be too far away from the end-user. So I went up the stack through the back end to the front end. I currently work with Angular, but I'm also interested in other frameworks (I built this website using react + next.js + tailwind). My main points of interest nowadays are vanilla JS and performance.

Feel free to contact me:

github icon github.com/mateuszo

linkedin icon linkedin.com/in/mostafil/

twitter icon twitter.com/MateuszOstafil

email icon mateusz.ostafil at gmail.com

email icon mostafil at divante.com

Mateusz OstafilMateusz OstafilMateusz OstafilMateusz Ostafil

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